About Cobb+Co Museum

The must-see destination in Toowoomba is the Queensland Museum Network’s National Carriage Collection. You can learn about Australia’s history through interactive displays and exhibits that will take you back to an era when people rode horses instead of relying on cars or trucks as we do now! Plus, there are workshops where they teach techniques for making traditional craft items such as baskets, Federation-style furniture, etc., so come visit us today 
to get started with your own project right away

When the museum was first established, it housed a collection of thirty 19th-century horse-drawn vehicles, which were collected over many years and restored to working order. The now-expanded site also includes one hundred artifacts: saddles, machinery or tools used for domestic tasks like farming – everything you would need in your day-toothbrush!


What to do at Cobb+Co Museum

Cobb + Co Museum is more than just an exhibit hall; it’s also home to one of Australia’s most extensive collections dedicated entirely towards carriages. You can tour through time and see how people lived on these grounds centuries ago with their various exhibitions, workshops or demonstrations that are held daily! So don’t miss out next visit when you’re in Toowoomba.

The expansion of the Museum houses over one hundred artifacts, including saddles and machinery. These items were originally collected by W R F Bolton, who had them restored for decades before they could be displayed in their current location.

The National Carriage Collection in Toowoomba is a must-see for history buffs who want to get up close and personal with Australia’s past. Visitors can explore heritage vehicles like the 47 horse-drawn carriages that once played an integral role during this state’s formative years, all while enjoying some local cuisine at one of our museum’s restaurants!


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