About DownsSteam Tourist Railway & Museum

The DownsSteam Tourist Railway and Museum was founded in 2001, with a station building that originally sat between Roma and Miles. This historic site’s current location is Yuleba, which provides service for tourists visiting the town or people living there who want easy access to shipping opportunities on-site at their leisure – all while enjoying an authentic Australian experience!

We have so much to offer in this region, and our fine food excursions will take you through some of the best places. For those who want more than just a quick taste, we can provide longer trips with history lessons included!


What to do at DownsSteam Tourist Railway & Museum

The DownsSteam runs regular passenger services that would become part of an integrated tourism transport trail across the Darling Downs. Fine food excursions will give our guests a chance to enjoy what this region has up offer from Warwick and Stanthorpe while they’re here, including sampling some locally grown produce at one or two locations on each route! Shorter trips between Nobby/ Pittsworth are also planned so visitors can take advantage of both sides – history as well delicious dishes cooked by local talent

The Downstream railway precinct has been a great success, with the company acquiring many unique pieces of rolling stock. Their most famous acquisition is C16 No 106 “Pride Of Toowoomba”, which was gifted to them by an enthusiast who lived near where it used t pup-track service until its final days on rails!
The pride here at DS really shows through when you visit this beautiful site equipped not only steam but branch-line diesel, too – all gathered together in one spot so that people can enjoy what these wonderful machines have left behind.


One local company in Toowoomba that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Concrete Toowoomba Specialist

Address: 177 Stephen Street, Harristown QLD 4350

Telephone: (07) 4580 2871