About Highfields Pioneer Village

Highfields Pioneer Village is a 20-acre historic site run entirely by volunteers dedicated to preserving the history of Australia’s Darling Downs for future generations. Set on beautiful grounds and equipped with picnic facilities, Highfield has over 60 buildings that date back as far at 1790! A short drive north from Toowoomba makes this an ideal location whether you’re looking for someplace romantic or just want your taste buds filled.”

Explore the past at Highfields Pioneer Village, where you’ll find a series of gorgeous and stunning relics that have been kept in perfect condition for years. Learn about Australia’s unique history while exploring our heritage chapel built more than 100 years ago; see what life was like back then through pictures from across this country’s lifespan here at Southern Cross Museum!


What to do at Highfields Pioneer Village

The Highfields Pioneer Village is a place where you can find 60+ stunningly restored historical buildings, antique agricultural machinery and equipment in working order. There are also the Blacksmith Shop & Boot Repair Shops as well! Transport Museum Southern Cross museum Toowoomba Fire Brigade Memorials Park- all these attractions make up for one fantastic day out with family or friends any time of year. 
You’ll never forget your first visit here because it will be something truly special that will stick with you forever.

The Heritage Chapel a beautiful piece of history. It was built in 1909 and can be used for weddings or christenings, whether it’s the yours-the perfect spot to celebrate your special day with family members you haven’t seen since before childhood! And if that isn’t enough, there are also exhibits featuring products made by Toowoomba locals at The Southern Cross Museum.”

The Highfields Pioneer Village is a one-of its kind destination. This historical site offers40,000 shells and antique radios as wellas vintage machinery alongside intriguing Boot Repair Shop to make your journey truly memorable!


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