About Picnic Point Lookout

.If you’re looking for a spot with sweeping panoramic views, look no further than Picnic Point. The heritage-listed lookout and parkland 160 acres high on top of the Great Dividing Range overlooking Main Range as well as Lockyer Valley will take your breath away! And if it’s been a while since the last visiting, then come back again because each day offers something new to explore.

Picnic Point is a classic example of Toowoomba’s characteristic residential architecture. The landscaped park was originally part of the grounds for an estate that dates back to 1876, but since then, it has served many purposes, from weddings and parties in its inception all throughout wartime use until today where visitors can enjoy relaxing under trees while their children play on swings.

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What to do at Picnic Point Lookout

The mature hoop pines and South Queensland kauris lining this avenue lead to manicured lawns with spectacular escarpment views. If you’re looking for a spot of alone time, head down under one (or more) bunya trees in order to find peacefulness; if not, then stop by our cafe, where we offer delicious breakfasts or lunches that will take your taste buds on an adventure!

The kids will love the playground and weekend children’s train. Stretch your legs on well-signed escarpment walking trails – from an easy stroll to nearby waterfall, hour-long Firetail Trail circuit or a challenging Table Top Mountain climb!
The lower section of this park can also be accessed via Tobruk Memorial Drive, which is another ideal location for those who want more privacy when exploring all it has in store.

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One local company in Toowoomba that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Concrete Toowoomba Specialist

Address: 177 Stephen Street, Harristown QLD 4350

Telephone: (07) 4580 2871