About Preston Peak Wines

Here on the scenic Preston Peak Estate, you’ll find an elevation that offers stunning views of both ourselves and our neighbour Toowoomba. With over 330 hectares in vines or farmland (or whatever they’re called), there is plenty to explore for those who want something more than just their suburban backyard escape!

The cellar door allows you to explore a world of wine varieties. Whether it be the rich, creamy complexity in Serisier 2009 sparkling wines or hints of wild honey and strawberry with notes of reality from its crispness; or something sweeter.


What to do at Preston Peak Wines

You’ve been dreaming of a perfect place to host your special event. You want it to be scenic, with breathtaking views and luxurious amenities – but what you really need is accessibility! That’s why we’ve got just the thing: Preston Peak wedding venue is only 10 minutes drive south from Toowoomba or two hours west toward Brisbane; meaning that guests can easily access all areas on foot (or bike).
The days when people needed transportation for their weddings are long gone-and if they don’t already know about this incredible spot then they’ll soon find out thanks our stunning property located right at its feet.

The acclaimed Preston Peak has been a venue in the Darling Downs region for many years, and we are proud to say that it’s one of Australia’s best venues. We have an extensive cellar full wines from all over, including award winners! Our team also provides high-quality catering services so you can enjoy your party or event with us knowing everything will be taken care off – just like they do at ours.

Preston peak wines

One local company in Toowoomba that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Concrete Toowoomba Specialist

Address: 177 Stephen Street, Harristown QLD 4350

Telephone:  (07) 4580 2871