About Queens Park

Queens Park is a historic botanical garden dating back to 1875. The site also houses the Toowomba Botanic Gardens, which was added into Queensland’s register of heritage buildings on 27 April 2001 for its cultural importance as an outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery that provides relaxation from everyday life while teaching people about plants, both young and old alike!

Queens Park, a 26.3-hectare green space that was planned and developed by Walter Hill – an Australian government botanist who also served as the superintendent for Brisbane’s own Queens Botanical Gardens. This tranquil oasis in the heart of Toowoomba is a peaceful haven for nature lovers who come here to escape from noise and pollution. The Queens Park links with an old stone bridge over Black Mountain Creek that was once used by native Australians more than 4500 years ago; it’s also situated on the Traditional lands GIBAAL people.

Queens park

What to do at Queens Park

The picturesque Queens Park is just a short walk from Toowoomba’s Central Business District. Locals are much loved by locals and beautifully cared for year-round despite its location on one side near an industrial area – this park has something to offer everyone! Lush green grasses lead you into the wilder parts where children can play without fear while adults enjoy their own peace or take advantage of relaxation time with nature. The flower garden offers beautiful displays during summer when flowers blossom en masses; autumn provides stunning colours as lemon trees hint at the coming winter under heavy snowfall skies.

This beautiful city park is popular among locals because it offers many opportunities to participate in community activities such as carnivals like those found throughout autumn months, where one can enjoy food trucks alongside wines sampled from around Australia while viewing flower arrangement theories displayed proudly with understated elegance.


One local company that is involved in this tourist attraction:

Name: Concrete Toowooomba Specialist

Address: 177 Stephen Street, Harristown QLD 4350

Telephone:  (07) 4580 2871