About Table Top Mountain

The Table Top Mountain Bushland Reserve is a park of volcanic origin located on the most eastern side of Toowoomba. This area has strong significance for both locals and tourists alike, as it contains one-third (33%) off the all-natural habitat in this region; alongside its acknowledging place within traditional owners’ culture, which can be seen through their heritage register recognition – protection under an Aboriginal cultural law since 2003! You’ve been respectfully requested not to approach or climb these grounds without permission from Traditional Owner’s association first.”

The breathtaking sight of hundreds and thousands of granite rocks along the coastline has fascinated people for centuries. The ancient mountain was once sea level during an ice age when glaciers flattened layers upon sandstone creating what is today known as ‘the table top’.

table top

What to do at Table Top Mountain

The Table Top mountain is on the edge of Toowoomba, providing a view into Lockyer Valley and surround it. The climb itself can be quite demanding with many large steps over Camel’s Hump as well as just before the summit where there are some scramble rocks to get past for good measure but when you reach top it offers spectacular vista that makes up for all these trials!

The views from the top of Table Top Mountain are spectacular. With no trees growing on its flat peak, it offers a unique perspective that can’t be found anywhere else in Toowoomba or even Australia for that matter! The climb itself may seem challenging with all those large steps you have to take but once at your destination -well worth every step up.

Mt peak

One local company in Toowoomba that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Concrete Toowoomba Specialist

Address: 177 Stephen Street, Harristown QLD 4350

Telephone: (07) 4580 2871